• Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences
    Second Issue Volume 17 of 2019 (Vol. 17 ISSUE 2 APRIL - JUNE 2019) has been published electronically for the Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences.Current VersionWebsite of the magazine: http://www.iraqijms.netMinistry website: https://iasj.netTranslted

  • ((Scientific seminar entitled ((Iraqi Virtual Library
    Within the framework of the continuous scientific accompaniment of the deanship of the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Nahrain University in various sciences, fields and specializations, under the patronage and presence Prof. Dr. Anis Khalil
  • Iraqi Board students exam for general surgery
    In the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Nahrain University, Prof. Dr. Anis Khalil Nayel,and the Chairman of the Iraqi Scientific Council for Medical Specialties, and responsible of the training center in the city of Imam

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