Biological Evaluation of Newly synthesized Spebrutinibm Analogues: Potential Candidates with Enhanced Activity and Reduced Toxicity Profiles
عمر فاروق عبد الرشيد
Authors : Zaid M. Jaber Al-Obaidi, Omar F. Abdul- Rasheed, Monther F. Mahdi, Ayad M.R. M.R. Raauf
Background: Undoubtedly, cancer is regarded as a major concern for researchers alongside the whole humanity for its high mortality rates. At this moment, there must be some researchers working hard to design, synthesize, and biologically investigate the effects of some potential candidates to fight back cancer. Materials and methods: In previous unpublished work, the authors successfully designed, synthesized, characterized a potential two spebrutinib analogues. Consequently, these analogues were evaluated with the employment of MCF-7, HCT116, and MDCK cell lines. Results: In respect to the spebrutinib standard, one of these analogues has superior activity against MCF-7 cell line (IC50; 10.744 µg/mL against 13.566 µg/mL for spebrutinib) and an enhanced toxicity profile on MDCK cell line (IC50; 8.653 mg/mL against 4.011 mg/mL for spebrutinib). Conclusion: The two compounds showed good activity against breast and colon cell lines and enhanced toxicity profile against normal kidney cell line in respect to spebrutinib standard.

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