Correlation between Hepcidin and Iron Status in Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes
ريا سليمان بابان
Authors : Duaa Adil Yousif, Rayah S. Baban and Enas A.A. Rasul
Background: The master regulator for the iron metabolism is hepicidin. The elevated levels of maternal hepicicn serum in the gestational diabetes could be probably because of the inflammation or irons stores in body. The ferritin serum presents a high quality approximates of iron stores in the serum of body which might be utilized to examine the correlation among status of iron and gestational diabetes’ risks.. Methods: By using enzyme linked immunosorbant assay technique, serum levels of Human Hepcidin were measured in forty pregnant women having gestational diabetes while forty pregnant women with no gestational diabetes cases. Also, Cobas integra 400 plus systems were used to measure iron status in both groups. Results: the levels of hepicidin serum in pregnant women with gestational diabess were observed to be significantly elevated as compared to the health women in control group. Ferritin levels were also increased in the GDM pregnant women. Conclusions: Serum hepcidin levels were expressed at significantly high levels in women having gestational diabetes in comparison to the controls, a positive association was found amongst the ferritin and hepicidin. The levels of ferritin were positively related to the risks of GDM as well.

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