Measurement of Radiation Activity at Fallujah University in Anbar Governorate, Iraq
ثائر محمود فرحان الجميلي
Authors : Ahmed H. Ali1, Haitham T. Tafash2, Ameel F. Al Shawi2 and Thaer M. Farhan2
Abstract In this work measured the exposure rates of background radiations in different locations of University of Fallujah, Iraq. Measurements the radiation exposure rate for the ionizing radiation (gamma rays, X-rays, Alpha and Beta particles) at the University of Fallujah and its colleges after the military operations in the period from 2013 to 2016. The scan was conducted by using the inspector XP for all colleges of the university. Our results were within the range allowed of the effective dose rate 1mSv/year and not any found the effect of radioactive sources.

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Published online: 13 March 2019