Role of Vitamin D3 in Male Fertility and Increase Quality of Seminal Fluid
فراس سلمان مكطوف
Authors : FOUAD KADHIM GETEA1*, FIRAS S. ALQURAISHI2, SAIF H. MOHAMMED3 *1Lecturer, Al-Nahrain University, College of Medicine, Iraq. 2Dr. lecturer, Al-Nahrain University, College of Medicine, Iraq. 3Lecturer Dr. Surgery Department, Al-Nahrain University, College of Medicine, Iraq *Corresponding Author
Introduction: male infertility mean that male unable to make fertile female to get pregnancy. Male infertility represented 40% of total infertility, male infertility occur in 7% of total male. Four causes of infertility; men causes, women causes, collected causes and unknown causes. Method: cross sectional; clinical trial study in andrology outpatient in Al- Nahrain medical college. 2 groups of patients that organized; 20 olgo asthenozoospermic patients associated with varicose and 10 men with normal state, the first group take 10000 IU of Vit. D once daily and other group take placebo, the treatment take for 3 months. Results: mean age of patients 32 years old, all patients send for seminal fluid examination and serum Ca+2 and serum Vit. D. at beginning and after end the time of therapy. In varicocele treated group, there was no significant differences (P > 0.05) were found in seminal volume and grade A+B motility before and after treatment with (P = 0.742; P = 0.397) respectively, but Sperm concentration, TPMSC/E, S. Vit. D and S. Ca+ were significantly increased (P < 0.05) after 90 days of treatment with (P = 0.009; P = 0.034; P= <0.001; P=0.001) respectively. No any significant difference in control group for seminal fluid; grade A+B motility, Sperm concentration, TPMSC/E, S. Vit. D and S. Ca+ after 90 days of treatment with (P= 0.600; P= 0.505; P= 0.201; P= 0.337; P= 0.489; P= 0.242) respectively. Conclusion: there is relation between vitamin D and seminal fluid quality, vitamin D play important role in fertility procedure. Therefore, vitamin D and VDR paly efficient role in increase quality of seminal fluid and sperm movement. Keywords: Male, infertility, Vitamin D3, quality of seminal fluid.

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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research | Jul - Sep 2020 | Vol 12 | Issue 3