Virulence Factors Detection for some Dermoatophytes Isolated from Human Skin Infections
خلود عباس علي
Authors : Kholod Abbas Ali Dania Mohammmed Aydah, Abdulkareem Jasim
Five Dermatophyte isolates were obtained from fifty specimen samples collected from patients with hair, nail and skin infections. These isolates were Microsporumcanis, Trichophyton rubrum, T.mentagrophytes, T.tonsurance, and Epidermatophyton flocossum. The identification of these isolates was achieved according to cultural and microscopic characteristics. The ability of these isolates to produce enzymatic and non- enzymatic virulence factors was investigated using plate assay. All isolates showed lipase, phospholipase, gelatinase, andProtease activity except gelatinase activity from T. rubrum andprotease from T. tonsurance, and hemolytic activity was obtain only from M. canisand T. mentagrop

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