Lipid profile and BMI in psoriatic patient
خلود عباس علي
Authors : Kholod A Ali1
Psoriasis is highly associated with increased lipid profile, atherosclerosis, hypertension, increased body mass index, diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular accidents, cancer, osteoporosis and depression. This study is to investigate the clinical criteria of psoriatic patients and the possible association with increased lipid profile and BMI. A case control study involving 100 patients visiting the outpatient Department of Dermatology in two large hospitals in Baghdad city/Iraq. All the patients were matching, and had subjected to general physical examination, Height and weight, and blood investigations. The age distribution was statistically matched between cases and controls (36.34 years). Mean BMI of cases was 24.9 kg/m2 , while mean BMI of the controls was 23.94 kg/m2 . According to PASI, 9 (18%) patients had mild psoriasis (PASI 10). The mean serum cholesterol in cases was 180.16 mg/dL, the mean value triglyceride in cases was 200.3 mg/dL, both were significantly higher than the mean value in controls. The mean value HDL in cases was significantly lower than the mean value in controls (44.88 mg/dL, 52.64 mg/dL) respectively. The mean serum LDL and VLDL of cases (144.78 mg/dL & 47.37 mg/dL respectively) higher than the control (124.62 mg/dL & 42.21 mg/dL respectively). PASI score correlate positively with serum triglyceride, cholesterol, LDL & VLDL. In conclusions BMI was higher in patients with psoriasis, abnormal lipid profile was associated positively with PASI score in those patients.

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